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Consumers are the heart and soul of commerce, online and offline. That’s why many of them spend a lot of time checking out elements that might affect them: reading news concerning brands they love, following consumer reporters on Twitter, reading consumer magazines like the consumer report, etc.

With the Internet all the rage, the consumer is living in very interesting times filled with ready options and challenges. The e-commerce websites help them to navigate the intricacies of being consumers by giving them as much information about their vendors as possible. This includes product ratings, customer reviews, and comments. There are however a few of them that don’t provide real customer reviews, real customer comments, or ratings. Essay writing companies belong to this group.

Student consumers

Students have been working with custom essay writing companies for the better part of the last decade getting their assignments done on time. However, lack of any concrete, non-biased consumer information on this websites puts the fate of the consumers in jeopardy. There is urgent need for the students to look for the information about the companies they want to hire from professional sources. collegerage.com is a review site that ranks top essay writing companies.

Why collegerage.com rates essay writing companies

The lack of real customer reviews or openness in many essay writing companies makes it very hard for students to make real decisions concerning who they want writing their term papers. The lack of a regulator or a huge following or community of bloggers supporting students also makes it extremely easy for rogues masquerading as professionals to be outed in public. But it is possible with a comprehensive essay writing company review website like collegerage.com. In addition to this, collegerage.com is also important in the sense that it helps the students avoid spending too much time analyzing a specific essay writing company.

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How we do it

collegerage.com seeks for information about different essay writing companies from students at all times. When students come here, they’re able to look at the unique reviews and ratings provided by the customers to come up with a list of competent service providers.

In addition to this, collegerage.com also hires a team of experts who take time to look at each custom essay writer. Some of the aspects the experts audit in a custom essay writing company include the caliber of writers , the customer support channel they have, as well as the communication channels they support.